Bipartisan bill seeks to regulate political ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google

 A new bipartisan bill known as the Honest Ads Act is the first major attempt to regulate online platforms that sell ads with rules akin to those that apply to more traditional advertising on TV, radio and in print. The bill, introduced today by Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Amy Klobuchar with a bipartisan boost from Republican Senator John McCain, imposes regulations on social… Read More

Data is the name of the game, as Intel Capital puts $60M in 15 startups, $566M in 2017 overall

Intel Capital, the investment arm of the processor giant, is today announcing its latest tranche of investments, a total of nearly $60 million going in to 15 startups that are working on solving different problems in the bigger area of big data (with a full rundown below). The investments come on the back of a big year for the group: in 2017 so far, Intel says that it’s invested $566… Read More

Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump manifesto could cost him his job

EVEN if Donald Trump had not become president, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona would probably still be facing a challenge in the Republican Senate primary in 2018. Grassroots conservatives in Arizona have long distrusted him for his perceived apostasy, especially his support for immigration reform. But Mr Trump is the president, and Mr Flake has cast himself as a voice of intraparty opposition to him, transforming his bid for a second term into a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

Alabama provides a glimpse of what may be in store. On September 26th, Roy Moore, a populist conservative jurist, defeated Senator Luther Strange, the incumbent, in the state’s Republican primary. Though Mr Strange had the support of the president, it was Mr Moore who carried the banner for those who want to “drain the swamp,” as Mr Trump is fond of saying. Mr Strange’s defeat was a loss for the establishment, and political prognosticators now look to other states, Arizona included, to see if the far-right rebellion will…Continue reading

Two Google alums just raised $60M to rethink documents

 When you open a Google doc or a spreadsheet, you get a blank spreadsheet and some documentation as to what you can do with it — and that’s pretty much where we’ve been for quite some time. But two MIT graduates, coming in from Microsoft and Google, have built up a team that for the past three years has quietly been trying to rethink how we approach documents. CEO Shishir… Read More

Chinese local services giant Meituan-Dianping raises $4B led by Tencent and Priceline

 There’s a huge funding round from one of the top local services companies in China. Meituan-Dianping, a company formed by a multi-billion dollar merger in 2015, said today that it has raised a $4 billion Seres C round from a group of investors led by existing backer Tencent. Others involved include Sequoia, GIC, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Trustbridge Partners, Coatue, IDG,… Read More

Facebook Messenger lets games monetize with purchases and ads

 Facebook is finally giving developers a reason to build games for Messenger while also opening a new revenue stream for the chat app. After launching HTML5 ‘Instant Games’ inside Messenger, like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Words With Friends Frenzy in November 2016, today Facebook is allowing developers to add in-app purchases as well as interstitial and rewarded video ads. Read More

Facebook is now testing paywalls and subscriptions for Instant Articles

 A few months ago we reported that Facebook may begin testing paywalls and subscriptions for Instant Articles beginning in October. Well now it’s October, and surprise – Facebook has started testing subscription support for instant articles! Here’s how it will work: Facebook will start with two paywalled options for publishers to choose from: The first option is a metered… Read More