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MSN (Microsoft Network) – a major Internet Service Provider and Web portal, as well as the tenth most popular (0.01% of the world’s search engine created by Microsoft and is open 24 August 1995 (opening date coincides with the date of the release of Windows 95). Title «MSN» then was extended to e-mail service Hotmail, instant messaging client MSN Messenger, as well as on a number of Web sites supported by Microsoft.

With 9 million. subscribers to the database of email addresses of users MSN, is the second largest Internet service provider in the US, going after AOL LLC with its 26.5 million customers. According to the system Alexa, is now the third most visited English-language resources on the Internet, followed by their competitors Yahoo! and Google. Also, in Outlook Express and Microsoft Office Outlook versions 10 and below, check your email account from «come» welcome letter with all the links.

Recently launched services: MSN Groups (closed February 21, 2009) – a free service of forum. MSN Spaces (closed March 16, 2011) – a free blog service, analogue Livejournal. Customizable features MSN – My MSN and Hotmail – are based on the service authorization Microsoft Passport.