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6 Tips for Developing an Impactful Email Onboarding Series

Most brands send a welcome email, but highly successful ones focus on an email onboarding series. With close to one-third of newly acquired subscribers leaving an email program within the first month, according to the Lifecycle Benchmark report by Return Path, it is critical to use this time to make a positive first impression with new subscribers. The first 30 days of the subscriber lifecycle, known as the onboarding phase, is often the first experience a subscriber has with your brand and the messages you send during this time play a key role in turning new subscribers into active subscribers and customers.

The lifecycle benchmark data from Return Path also shows that engagement rates are the highest for the first onboarding touch but decline slightly over the next 30 days. Attrition rates are also elevated during this time with a full 34 percent of newly acquired subscribers leaving the program within the first month. This highlights the importance of focusing on an optimized onboarding program to help set the foundation for a lasting relationship.

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Please welcome Lora Kolodny, Stefan Etienne, Signe Brewster and Kristen Hall-Geisler to TechCrunch

welcome-tc It’s a new year and we have some fresh faces for TechCrunch — faces whose interests run the gamut from robotics to venture to gadgets and photography to science to transportation and beyond.
First up, Lora Kolodny joins us as Emerging Technologies Editor later this month. Lora was previously a TC-er and is returning to the fold. She recently spent four years as a venture capital… Read More