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Jeff Bezos (And Probably Others) Would Like To Send Donald Trump To Space

21597373863_f64235d640_k Trump, Trump, Trump. I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about him but he just won’t go away…and it’s not even really full-on election season yet. One of his latest Twitter barks (and there have been many) was at CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos: The @washingtonpost, which loses a fortune, is owned by @JeffBezos for purposes of keeping taxes down at his no profit… Read More

Will The Presidential Election Be Decided By Ad Blockers?

skipad When Mitt Romney announced his presidential bid in June of 2011, Uber had been operating in NYC for less than a month, Steve Jobs was still alive and Siri hadn’t been born. It might not seem like that long ago, but in the four years since the last presidential race, mobile technology and media consumption habits have changed dramatically. Political campaign managers know this. Read More

Facebook Sees 23% Spike In Law Enforcement Requests For Data In The United States

Police Facebook revealed it received 23% more requests from law enforcement between January and June 2015 than in the second half of 2014. From January to June 2015, Facebook received a total of 17,577 law enforcement requests, targeting 26,579 users and accounts. From July to December 2014, the Menlo Park company received 14,274 requests affecting 21,731 accounts and users. Facebook said it… Read More

To Win Over Voters, Politicians Can Learn From Online Marketers

splittest Another political season is on the horizon and a relatively large field of candidates will be vying for the hearts, and sometimes the minds, of eligible voters. That means we will hear a number of slogans, sound bites and other messaging efforts to sway our allegiance. Politicians rely on certain techniques to craft these messages. Basically, they try to use to their advantage words that… Read More

Twitter Shuts Down Services That Tracked Politicians’ Deleted Tweets In 30 Countries

twitter-censor Two services that tracked deleted tweets by politicians and other diplomats in an effort to maintain a transparent, public record of statements made on social media, Politwoops and its sister site Diplotwoops, have now been cut off from accessing Twitter. According to a post published Sunday by the Open State Foundation, Twitter revoked access to its API for Diplotwoops on Friday, as well as… Read More

Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis

bitcointug A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as a new toy, appealing only to the technologically savvy. Say what you will, but so far, Bitcoin is a technological success. Minor glitches aside, the developer community that originally rallied to launch this project forward turned an… Read More


3954028726_3d61fcb35b_o Every day throughout the United States, there are thousands of patients waiting for a compatible organ. Supply never meets demand, a function of our voluntary system of organ donation as well as the consistent ban on paid organs. Some patients may get lucky and get an organ just in time, while others never do. Luck, though, is only a small part of the probability of receiving an organ. UNOS,… Read More

Rand Paul Appoints Bitcoin-Friendly Overstock CEO To Tech Counsel

bitcoinpiggy Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has appointed CEO Patrick Bryne to his tech counsel, a group that includes Michele Weslander Quaid of Google, and Brandon Hudgeons of Schoox and will help shape the presidential candidate’s tech platform. Patrick Byrne of @OverstockCEO , Adil Khan, Steve Danziger from BAE Systems, @bhudgeons of Schoox (2/2) — Dr. Rand… Read More

UK Elections Get A Partisan Spin From The Startup World

10_Downing_Street._MOD_45155532 “Startup businesses back the Conservatives,” screamed last week’s headline in The Guardian newspaper. In a move that feels somewhat unprecedented for the U.K.’s startup scene, which isn’t especially known for ‘doing politics’, more than 90 tech entrepreneurs have signed a letter declaring their support for the return of a Conservative-led government… Read More