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Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook

Social Network If you believe the origin story depicted in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network, a young Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in order to meet girls. Creative fiction or not, the real-life Zuck — who recently became a father to a baby girl called Max — wants the world to know about his far more progressive views on women. Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Is Building A Real-Life Version Of Iron Man’s Digital Assistant ‘Jarvis’

iron man Mark Zuckerberg is known for setting himself tough challenges — whether that’s learning Mandarin, promoting equality, or (controversially) trying to solve global Internet access — but this year the Facebook founder just took things to another level. His personal project for 2016 is to bring Jarvis, Iron Man’s trusty digital assistant, to life. Read More

Zuckerberg Responds To Critics, Explains How He’s Spending $45B

Mark Zuckerberg On Tuesday, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a powerful announcement — not only did he reveal the birth of his daughter, Max, but he shared his plans to give up 99% of his personal Facebook shares over the course of his lifetime and use them to fund projects and causes through a newly formed entity called Chan Zuckerberg LLC. The announcement generated a lot of… Read More